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In a hurry and can’t stop by one of our restaurants for a delicious meal?  No problem!  We deliver.  Call any of our restaurants for more information or to place an order.

Be sure to ask about our catering specials!  We can make enough food, at a great price, to feed your entire family, or company!

For more information and to place your orders, please contact Karina 714-719-4353 or email elpollonorteno@sbcglobal.net for normal delivery call 1-866-MI-POLLO.

Click below to place your delivery order from each of our locations:


  • 2 Chickens, 1qt.rice, 1qt.
  • beans, salsa, tortillas &
  • 1 FREE chicken $39.99+tax
  • 1 lb. Asada, 1 lb. carnitas
  • 1qt beans, salsa, tortillas &
  • 1 FREE chicken $39.99+tax
  • 2 lb. Carnitas
  • 2 side orders (20 oz. each)
  • Tortillas, salsa $29.99+tax
  • 1 lb. Carne Asada
  • 1 whole chicken
  • 2 side orders (20 oz. each)
  • tortillas, salsa $33.99+tax
  • 4 whole chickens, 44 oz.
  • Rice, 44 oz. beans, salsa,
  • tortillas $53.99+tax


Catering Services, Garden Grove, CA

6 Responses

  1. Michelle Villa

    I need to feed 50 adults and 25 kids total 75 people. What is the cost to feed that many people with rice, beans, tortillas, cilantro, onions, limon and salsas?

    • febricia gosal

      i need a quote
      tacos beef and chicken to serve 30 people for this sunday jully 21

      thank you,

  2. Mayra Quintanilla

    Hi I would like to get a quote for 180 people chicken, beans, rice and salsa guacamole and tortillas
    Thank you
    Mayra Q

  3. Mary Smihula

    I’d like to get some pricing information on your catering. I am looking to serve forty adults and am thinking rice, beans, tortillas, pre-cut chicken, and asada; a sort of a taco bar.

  4. Mary Smihula

    Good day, I purchased two groupons for your catering option. I am having a small event on Sunday, June 22nd at 1100 a.m. What are my options for the value of my groupons, 200.00.
    Thank you I look forward to working with you,
    Mary Smihula

  5. Linda L Casillas

    I’m throwing a baby shower in mid November. I would like to know about your catering break down you offer for the 2 below. What food is offered, quantity, & price break down?
    15 people?
    20 people?

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